(a mini course)
(a mini course)

Write to your full potential

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Welcome to SDF

Written as if you're a new member to a sorta-secret society of writers called SDF, this course has a casual, humorous tone and is as much fiction as it is reality.

SDF is a group of writers dedicated to improving the world through the power of the pen that have been around for a hundred years.

Their greatest unofficial threat is an enigma known as The Illiterati who want you to spend all your time on facebook and youtube

A humorous course featuring


Incredible quotes from the masters that will change your perspective and make you laugh. Strategies to find self-acceptance in your own writing


Advice, tips, strategies, and instruction to help you grow into your full potential without beating yourself up and working yourself to insanity


Actions that take an hour and some that take a lifetime that will improve your writing immediately and over time

Find Sanity

Develop self-acceptance of your writing and find your place without working yourself to insanity START YOUR COURSE NOW $25 I'm not ready, send my free chapter

What people are saying about this mini course

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m always flitting between the excitement of having an idea and debilitating self-doubt, and so it was an encouraging read, with great tangible tips, and really good exercises


The life of writing is more complicated than you might expect. This course helps you navigate the quagmire.


It's long enough to touch me, yet short enough to not feel dull or unnecessarily stretched. [Exercises are] usually a thing I hate about "guides" or "how to"-books but yours address life (as a writer) itself, rather than telling me what I should write


There is a lot in here that could be encouraging and helpful to a beginning writer


I felt inspiration to write while reading it. So much so that I opened up Scrivener in the middle of it and wrote


Writing can be difficult. And for those just starting out, or even those who've been at it a while, chasing the dream — the passion of writing — can be maddening. This guide sets out to pull together some of the best advice you could receive in order to stay sane through the process. The guide is not only a fun read, one that might help pick you up on your worst days as a writer, but it also grounds itself in reality with exercises aimed at tapping into that zen space a writer must have to remain on top of their craft. If you're looking for a guide you could use as a daily writing devotional, an occasional fast pick-me-up, or an entertaining book on the minutiae of the writing mind, this is an excellent place to start.


Answers these questions and more

Will anyone ever read my writing?

Why do I even try?

What should I write about?

Will I ever be good enough?

Am I even a writer?

What if someone already wrote what I want to write?

Where do I go for help?

Is there anyone that can help me?

Am I alone?

What if someone steals my idea?

Why would people read my writing?

What's the point of writing?

Is it okay to say I'm a writer yet?

Does anyone read anymore?

Can I make any money writing?

Made for all writers


Thinking of doing NaNoWriMo? Need motivation to write your first book? Looking for reasons to take the plunge? Find them in this mini course!


Started a few stories and gotten lost? Written a story but don't feel it's any good? Grow to your full potential with this course


You've written stories that people enjoy and you're staring up at the greats and wondering how to get there. This course will put you on the path to become one.

Be Motivated

Read the words of the greats and be changed forever START YOUR COURSE NOW $25 I'm not ready, send my free chapter

Complete Chapter List

  • Greetings & Welcome
  • Save the World
  • It's a Piano and you're Jordan
  • Show the Magic
  • Dare Greatly
  • Observer of Humanity
  • Emotional Guru
  • Leave your Mark
  • But it's My Baby
  • Know Thyself
  • Find your Crowd
  • The Illiterati
  • Good Luck & Fair Winds

The mini-course should take less than an hour to complete
(besides the exercises)

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